Asiatel (S) Pte Ltd

"Building information and communications infrastructure with advanced technologies to drive the service innovations of tomorrow."

We have deployed carrier grade soft-switches and value-added service systems for IP phone networks, IP multimedia networks and also systems for network performance monitoring and call recording. We have also deployed for some of our service provider customers, fully integrated solutions that include billing, CRM and ERP systems specially designed to cater to the requirements of telecom service providers. The services that our service provider customers offer range from calling card services to international call back, call forwarding services and IP phone services..


telecom service provider space

Our customers include first tier international telecom carriers, second tier telecom service providers, internet telephony service providers, internet service providers and enterprises.
We have service provider and enterprise customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines. 

SMS services

Our Customers

We have deployed our SMS services platform for many government departments, schools and enterprises for a wide variety of messaging applications.

We have deployed IP Phone systems of various sizes, cloud based call recorders, enterprise broadband networks, virtual server infrastructure, data storage and backup systems, disaster recovery systems and network performance monitoring systems.