"Building information and communications infrastructure with advanced technologies to drive the service innovations of tomorrow."

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Our core values

Asiatel was established in 2002. We want to be a leading information and communications technology solutions provider in South East Asia, specializing in innovative and state of the art infrastructure solutions for telecom service providers and enterprises.

The internet has changed the way we live, work, learn, do business, and play but the task of delivering the technology infrastructure for the internet is complex and constantly changing.

We know that we cannot be a technology solutions company that tries to deliver everything to everyone but to provide the infrastructure, services, and support that organizations need to do all the cool things they want to do using the internet. We want to provide the technology platform that people can use to access the internet and increase productivity, learn more effectively, collaborate, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Our success has been built on the foundation of having the right innovative solutions for our customers. We design telecoms and IT infrastructure for our customers to achieve maximum performance and optimal return on their investments. Our customers have come to trust us as a long-term technology solutions partner who works closely with them to support and even operate parts of their most sensitive infrastructure.

Asiatel is privately funded by individual investors and also by SPRING Singapore, the government’s enterprise development agency under the Start-Up Enterprise Development Scheme since 2006.

About us

The team in Asiatel comprises both the old school of experienced telecoms and IT professionals as well as the younger generation of internet savvy technologists. The team’s expertise and experience in various aspects of telecoms and IT, together with a strong team-work has contributed to a good reputation for the company as an innovative internet technology solutions provider not just in Singapore but in other countries in South East Asia. We take pride in our strong core technical expertise in internet technologies, voice over IP and IT infrastructures and our ability to deliver projects with a high level of customer satisfaction.

​​Solve client’s problems

We listen to our clients about their problems and solve them. We need to be supported by revenue and this can only happen if we overcome our client's problems for them. Our value comes from our ability to understand a client’s problem and translates this into a business process or technology solution to solve the problem.

Learn and stay ahead of the pack

Today's best technologies or solutions may be out of date by tomorrow. We continue to learn, understand the technology and its changes and grow to become better.  We want to bring the most updated expertise to our client​

Stay in focus

We know we cannot do everything. We want to focus and serve in the areas where we can make a significant impact. These are the specialized areas of IT and telecoms infrastructure solutions that can help our clients to operate efficiently with the effective use of their infrastructure.

Engage our clients at all times and with honesty

We understand the importance of delivering what we have committed to our clients on time, with the desired outcomes and for their committed investment. We engage our clients at all times to communicate clearly and with honesty, what we intend to do, the significance and the value of our proposed actions to them, and what is required from them. 

Create a workplace filled with energy and fun

We believe in having talented people on our team, giving them the opportunities to develop and grow with company. We treat each other with honesty, trust and respect, so that we can have a creative and results-oriented environment that is also fun to work in. Our culture is built on strong team work and group achievement but we also want the individual to take great pride in their self-development and independent action.

Value our relationships with others

While we do our best at what we do, we also strive to be the best to work with. We value our working relationships with our customers, partners, and with each other. We take with the highest priority to treat people well, with dignity and building relationships can withstand the toughest tests. 

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